Efficient Synthesis of r-Aryl-/Heteroaryl- Substituted β-Amino Acids via Ni(II) Complex through the Suzuki Coupling Reaction

We described a synthesis method by first using chlorotrimethylsilane as the activator to brominate the Ni(II) complex of the β-alanine Schiff’s base [β-AlaNi(II)- PABA] 1 and developed it to prepare β-amino acids 5.
The procedure involves a Suzuki coupling reaction between boric acids and the bromoenone 2, followed by hydrogenation and hydrolysis. This is the first report of the application of the Ni (II) complex [β-AlaNi(II)- PABA], which epresents an attractive route to afford R-aryl-/heteroaryl-substituted β-amino acids.