A one-pot, large-scale procedure for preparing the
Belokon-Soloshonok nucleophilic glycine equivalent 2-[N-
(R-picolyl)amino]benzophenone (PABP) derived Ni(II) complex
[GlyNi(II)PABP] is described. It has been accomplished
by using isobutyl chloroformate to form PABP and then
NaH/KOH as mixed bases to afford the corresponding
complexes in a one-pot manner (up to an overall yield of
98%). The potential of this method for preparation of
â-amino acids derivatives, such as â-AlaNi(II)PABP and
â-PheNi(II)PABP, has been demonstrated. The structure of
â-AlaNi(II)PABP is characterized by single-crystal X-ray