Efficient Synthesis of Symmetrical r,r-Disubstituted β-Amino
Acids and r,r-Disubstituted Aldehydes via Dialkylation of Nucleophilic
β-Alanine Equivalent

Daizong Lin, Guanghui Deng, Jiang Wang, Xiao Ding, Hualiang Jiang, and Hong Liu

Homologation of the nucleophilic β-alanine equivalent β-Ala Ni(II)-PABP [Ni(II) complex of
β-alanine Schiff base with 2-[N-(R-picolyl)amino]benzophenone (PABP), 1] via alkyl halide alkylation
was systematically studied as a general method for preparing symmetrically R,R-disubstituted
β-amino acids. The dialkylation reactions could be easily performed and did not require inert
atmosphere, dried solvents, and low temperatures, thereby affording the benefits of operationally
convenient experimental procedure and high atom economy. Further, the methodology developed by
us can also be used to generate symmetrical R,R-disubstituted aldehydes through an alternative
decomposition method.